Why an Escape Room Should be on Every Tourist’s Checklist

Get the Most Out of Your Well-Deserved Vacation!

See Why a San Antonio Escape Room Should be on Every Tourist’s Itinerary

Hundreds of Extreme Escape visitors have shared their experience online and around 90% agree it’s one of the most fun things to do in San Antonio. Here are just a few reasons why visiting an escape room deserves a spot on your vacation itinerary.

It’s a One-of-a-Kind Experience

We can say with assurance, you won’t find our escape rooms anywhere else in the world. Each escape room immerses the players in a new world with a unique scenario to navigate and puzzles to solve.

You Can Do It Any Time of Year

When it’s too hot, wet or cold to visit other attractions you can still have fun at an escape room in San Antonio. Our escape rooms may transport you to another time and place, but they’re always perfectly climate-controlled and comfortable.

It’s Not Something You See Everyday

Vacations are all about new experiences. We guarantee you’ll see something you never expected within moments of entering one of our escape rooms.

Challenging and Fun Way to Test Your Skills

Vacations involve a lot of leisure activity, but an escape room is also a fun challenge. You have to race against the clock using your brainpower in ways you never imagined. It will bring out the Indiana Jones, zombie hunter or pirate in anyone!

It’s Fun for All Kinds of Groups

Each of our locations has four action-packed escape rooms, some of which are appropriate for young children. Adults, kids, couples and families can find a room that’s fun for the whole group.

Ready for a vacation adventure you won’t soon forget?

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