Top Reasons Escape Rooms Are the Best for Families

Family-Approved Fun

Top Reasons Why a San Antonio Escape Room is Tons of Fun for Families

Parents know that planning a family outing isn’t as easy as it seems. When you’ve got a handful of people at various ages with different interests, coming up with an idea everyone will enjoy can feel impossible.

An escape room in San Antonio is the answer! At Extreme Escape we’ve designed thrilling escape rooms that provide hours of family fun. Here are a few of the top reasons why parents love family outings at Extreme Escape.

Fun Challenge for Adults and Kids

Finding fun things to do in San Antonio that everyone can participate in isn’t always easy. But a San Antonio escape room is one of the few ways you can keep the whole family entertained at once. Kids as young as five or six can get in on the fun of an escape room in San Antonio.

Please note: some of the escape room themes may not be appropriate for small children. If you have questions please see the escape room FAQ section or give us a call.

Designed to be Done as a Group Activity

Many activities are an individual experience even when you do them together as a family. But that’s not the case in an escape room. All the players must work together as a team if they want to make it out in time. As a result, some parents use escape room adventures as a team building experience for the entire family.

No Cell Phone Zone

The biggest challenge for some parents is getting their kids away from screens long enough to enjoy family time. An escape room in San Antonio is a no cell phone zone. When you’re racing the clock to make it out of the room there’s no time to check social media accounts or surf the Internet. But definitely make time afterwards for a family photo you can share online!

Military and First Responder Families Get a Discount on Mondays

Every Monday we say thank you to our American heroes with free entry for active duty military, EMTs, police officers and firefighters. Family members get 15% off when they join the fun! We’ll also provide a complementary Uber ride home.

Get Ready for an Overload of Family Fun

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