How to Find Escape Room Clues

The objective of a San Antonio escape room is to solve a series of puzzles in a short amount of time. In order to do that you must find clues that are hidden around the room.

We don’t make it easy to locate the clues, but our escape room pros can provide tips on how to cut down the time it takes to find them.

7 Tips for Finding Clues in a San Antonio Escape Room

Each escape room in San Antonio will include numerous clues that may or may not be connected. The challenge of finding clues is what makes escape rooms such exciting San Antonio attractions. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared.

If getting out of an escape room is on your short list of fun things to do in San Antonio, the tips below can help you make it out with time to spare.

Don’t Stand Still

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first step into a well-crafted escape room. The entire room is decked out from floor to ceiling. If you’re at Extreme Escape you’ll also be enveloped in smells and sounds that make the setting even more authentic. Clues can be hidden anywhere, and they may not be in plain sight. So, get moving right away to improve your odds of finding them all in time.

Tell Others What You See

Communication is a key factor in getting out of an escape room before the clock hits zero. As you run around looking for clues tell others what you see. You may discover that there are multiple items throughout the room that fit together or the information could help another team member figure out where to find the next clue.

Get Help From the Gamemaster

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to find the next clue there’s one failsafe option – ask the gamemaster for help. The gamemaster will come over the intercom to provide hints that lead players to where the clue is located. BONUS: Listen carefully when the gamemaster makes the introduction. They might just reveal a helpful clue.

Keep Items Organized

As you discover things around the room it may be obvious that they’re important (i.e. a possible clue for another puzzle) but not exactly what you’re looking for. Designate a spot in the room for setting aside and organizing items. This will make it easy to grab an item that you’ve already found or tell a teammate where it can be found. Once an item is used sit it in another discard pile nearby.

Search Every Nook and Cranny

Escape room players have to be thorough. Don’t just check the bookshelf. Look under it, on top of it, lift objects up, move the shelves – you get the picture.

Designate Sections for the Search

Using a divide and conquer tactic is often the quickest way to locate clues. The first thing you should do is divide the room into sections and assign 1-3 players to each section. This will prevent areas from being overlooked or looked over twice, and it also makes the search more organized.

Remember, No Idea is Too Crazy

You never know what you’ll find in an escape room or where you’ll find it. For that reason, it never hurts to test any idea that a team member throws out. As long as the idea isn’t irreversible and doesn’t take too much time it’s worth a shot if you can’t find a clue.

See If You Can Find the Clues Before Time Runs Out!

We’ve hidden clues all around our escape rooms in San Antonio. Think you can find them? Reserve your escape room today!