What Makes a Great San Antonio Escape Room?

No two escape rooms are alike. Each escape room in San Antonio and around the world offers a unique experience. That means some escape rooms are going to be better than others.

Three things in particularly make or break an escape room: the storyline, the set design and the puzzles.

Great Storyline

The story behind the escape room is what gets people interested before they walk through the door. It sets the tone for the entire game and can influence the types of puzzles that are included.

A great story connects the clues as the players solve them and helps build the fictional world with a complete narrative from beginning to end. Players will become emotionally invested in the characters and their own role in the storyline. If an escape room in San Antonio has an imaginative, immersive story it’s the perfect foundation for everything else.

Detailed Escape Room Setting

An escape room should fully immerse players in a new world. That requires in-depth set design, which is inspired by the storyline. It’s one of the few San Antonio attractions that puts players right in the middle of the action, but that’s only possible with floor to ceiling sets.

A magician’s lair should have a rabbit’s cage in the corner and weathered, leather-bound books in the heavy wooden bookcase that actually swings open to a hidden chamber. A zombie lair should be scattered with body parts and otherwise devoid of human existence. Both of these scenarios can be brought to life in the same space with spectacular set design.

Challenging Escape Room Puzzles

This is where the challenge comes into the game. The puzzles are a big part of why some people want to take on an escape room in the first place.

A great San Antonio escape room will have puzzles that flow together and keep the players on track. They’ll also encourage teamwork by requiring more than one person be involved. The puzzles should pose a challenge without being overly difficult to solve within the timeline. All together the puzzles should take almost the entire hour for a group of newbies to figure out.

Experience the Best Escape Room in San Antonio

At Extreme Escape we put a lot of thought into making our escape rooms the most entertaining things to do in San Antonio on the weekend or any other day of the week. Try out the room with the storyline you like best or give all four escape rooms a try!