Are There Any New Escape Rooms in San Antonio?

Have you already gotten out of every escape room in San Antonio? Ready to take on a new challenge in a completely different scenario?

Extreme Escape is proud to be the first to bring the adventure of escape room games to San Antonio, but we aren’t stopping there. Our four original San Antonio escape rooms are so popular we’re adding a second location!

That’s right – there are now four new escape rooms in San Antonio!

Four More Escape Rooms Are Open in Stone Oak

Due to the nature of the game, escape rooms change often. Some themed rooms become San Antonio attractions in their own right. They stick around for years, but there are changes to the decor, puzzles and/or clues to keep things fresh. But some experiences are only available for a limited time, so players have to try to escape before the room is locked away forever.

We used the opening of our second location to double the escape room scenarios and give people more things to do in San Antonio that don’t require screens or the Riverwalk. Get ready for another round of live action adventure!


Can you break the curse in time? In a cabin deep in the woods your team must break a witch’s curse to free captured souls before you become her next victim.

The Other Side

Inspired by the paranormal phenomenon, The Other Side offers players a chance to step into an parallel universe where you must rescue a boy from an unworldly creature.


Calling all sci-fi fans! Take a trip into outer space where a carnivorous alien is ready to pounce if you don’t get your starship running again.

The Lost Tomb

Let your inner Indiana Jones run wild! Quickly excavate the chambers of Mayan ruins and return the lost artifacts before the eclipse or humanity is doomed to an untimely end.

Experience 4 New San Antonio Escape Rooms!

See if you can make it out of the newest escape rooms in San Antonio! Reserve a room at the new Stone Oak location.