What to Expect During a Trip to the Extreme Escape Stone Oak Location

Visit One of Our Newest Escape Rooms in San Antonio

Planning a trip to a San Antonio escape room? Then prepare to have the time of your life! Fun can always be expected when you visit the Extreme Escape Stone Oak location. Here’s what else you’ll experience.

Year Round Entertainment for the Entire Family

When you enter the world of an escape room it doesn’t matter what it’s like outside. In the escape room you’re transported to another time and place, which is a relief on hot summer days.

The entire family from young kids to grandparents will be captivated by the immersive environment. But don’t get too distracted. Getting out of the room in time takes teamwork that will bring the whole family together.

Games and Puzzles Brought to Life

Experience game night like never before! An escape room is a live action activity that brings puzzles and games to life. You’re actually inside the game and everything around you is part of the fun.

4 Escape Rooms, 4 Different Adventures

Unlike some establishments, Extreme Escape didn’t stop at one escape room. When you visit our Stone Oak location you’ll have your pick of four escape rooms. Each escape room in Stone Oak offers a totally unique experience.

Which San Antonio escape room will you explore:


You must get Starship Kronos back up and running before a man-eating alien devours your entire crew.

The Other Side

Step into another dimension filled with supernatural forces that try to thwart your efforts to rescue a missing boy.


Take on a witch in the depths of the forest by figuring out how to reverse her spell before it’s too late.

The Lost Tomb

Go on an Indiana Jones adventure into the depths of a tomb where you must replace an artifact before an eclipse wipes out more than the sunlight.

If you’ve already tried all four escape rooms in Stone Oak visit our original location in Colonnade. There you’ll find four more escape room adventures!

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