An interesting twist to room escape games is you may be locked inside with strangers. Extreme Escape allows up to 10 players in an escape room at a time, which means single players, couples and small groups could get paired with others.

This setup usually ends in players making new friends, but we understand some groups may want to play together on their own. That’s why we offer exclusive escape room live experiences.

Booking an Exclusive Room Escape for Your Group

At Extreme Escape you can share the thrilling experience of escaping a room with up to nine of your friends, family members and coworkers. Booking an escape room exclusively for your group is easy:

  • Choose an escape room and time. If there are less than 10 tickets available that means someone else already has a reservation for the room.
  • Pay for all 10 tickets in the time slot. Even if you have less than 10 people in your group, you’ll need to pay for all 10 tickets to secure a room for your party.
  • Make sure the entire group arrives at least 15 minutes early. Room escape games run on a tight schedule. If someone in the group hasn’t arrived by the reservation time the group will have to start without them.

Play Escape the Room Games With Your Entire Group


Join the Room Escape Adventure for Less

Experience escape room live action games for less by getting available promo codes and discounts on our Facebook Page. While you’re there, check out pictures of our escape rooms and the adventurous teams that ventured through them.