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Your mission has taken a turn for the worse and your team is now face to face with a carnivorous alien! Restore power to Starship Kronos and defeat the creature before it’s too late. Remember, in outer space…no one can hear your screams!

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While traveling back to Earth you and your ship’s crew come across what appears to be Starship Kronos which has been missing for over a decade. The desolate vessel does not register any human life form. Your ship has been ordered to dock Starship Kronos and investigate. Once on board you discover all of the ship’s systems have been damaged and a monstrous life form you have never come across before has invaded the once vacant ship. What should have been a simple mission has quickly turned into a battle for your lives! Now you and your crew must work together and navigate through this ship of terror and remain alive! You must keep this carnivores creature at bay, restore the ship’s systems and find a way to destroy the Alien before it’s too late. Your team must succeed, or the next time you see this creature will be your last encounter!

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