What is an Escape Room?

What is an escape room, you ask? It’s only the most intensely fun test of your smarts and escape skills!

The door locks. The timer starts. An anonymous voice from above gives the first clue. Now it’s up to you to get out in time . . .

Escape rooms are one of the hottest trends in entertainment today. Groups gather in a themed room where they are given a clue to get started. Participants have one hour to find clues and solve escape the room puzzle games before time is up.

Players describe the experience as stepping into a live video game. In fact, online game developers in Japan were the first to create realistic escape rooms. Their popularity quickly spread throughout Asia and into Europe. Now the U.S. is getting in on the live action with hundreds of themed escape rooms across the country.

Watch Our Escape Room Video to See the Live Action!

Want to know what it’s like to take on the challenge of an escape room? We partnered with Imaginart Studios to create an escape room video that explains how these popular interactive games work. You can get a glimpse into our escape rooms and learn how to play escape the room games!


What Sets Our Escape Room Experience Apart?

Phillips Entertainment Inc. has decades of experience creating high-quality attractions with theme-park style experiences. We’ve incorporated multi-dimensional elements like life-sized props, theatrical lighting and even smells to make your “escape” as amazingly realistic as possible.

AND Extreme Escape San Antonio is the FIRST to offer 2 locations with eight different themed escape experiences – each with its own unique challenge. Rather than having a mystery room escape where you have no idea what to expect, Extreme Escape gives you options to choose from!


The Lost Tomb challenges your team of archaeologists to restore stolen artifacts before the eclipse commences and the gods destroy humanity, as we know it! Supernatural forces challenge you in The Other Side, as your team is faced with finding a lost boy in another dimension. Both of these escape rooms have a broad appeal among families and children ages 9 and above.

Come face to face with a carnivorous alien in Encounter, and evil awaits you and your team inside The Cursed where you must reverse The Witch’s evil spell and save her victims These two escape rooms are suitable for teens and adults that won’t get spooked by the eerie, lifelike set designs.

Ready to Make Your Great Escape?