3 Reasons Why UTSA Students Will Want to Kick Off the Semester at an Escape Room

Get Ready for a New Semester by Trying to Get Out of a San Antonio Escape Room

It’s the start of a new semester after a much needed break. UTSA students are busy gearing up for the next round of classes by hitting the bookstore and finalizing their schedule. It’s enough to cause burnout before the first week is even complete.

The solution – swing by a San Antonio escape room to unwind and prep at the same time!

Why You’ll Want to Start the New Semester With a Trip to an Escape Room

Jumpstart Critical Thinking

Escape rooms have been compared to live-action, life size video games, but they are so much more than that in terms of how they get players thinking. To get out of the escape room in 60 minutes or less you have to think outside of the box.

Escape room success requires:

  • Finding clues that could pass for ordinary objects
  • Solving riddles
  • Figuring out puzzles
  • Reading maps and directions

All of this will test your critical thinking skills in new ways, which is a fun way to get your brain buzzing before class. An escape room can also drum up concentration skills you haven’t used in a while that could prove handy when you’re cramming for your next test.

Bond With New Buds

Do you have a new dorm roommate? Did you join a new study group? Is it the start of a new season for your sports team? Playing an escape room in San Antonio is one of the best ways to bond with new friends or a whole group of people. It’s such an effective ice breaker that corporations are now using escape rooms for team building.

Have a Unique Experience – It’s What College is All About

Let’s be real. College isn’t just about earning a degree. Sure, that’s the end goal, but going to college is also about having new experiences. That requires getting out of the classroom from time to time to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

You can’t find escape room games just anywhere. Extreme Escape was the first to bring escape rooms to San Antonio, and now we have eight unique rooms to try. Each one has a different theme and challenges. Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop at one!

Start the Semester Off Right – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!