4 Business Team Building Activities in San Antonio You’ve Got to Try

Find out more about fun team building activities in Alamo City.

Who says you have to be cooped up in the office to get your business team working together? Sometimes a change of scenery and getting completely out of your comfort zone is exactly a team needs for better cohesion and communication.

Try one of the fun team building activities below for a memorable experience that will boost job performance.

Road Trip It

If you ever took a family road trip as a kid, then you know the experience can definitely build bonds and bring people together. No matter what direction you go, you can find an amazing day trip if you’re based in San Antonio. Some excursion ideas include:

  • Austin
  • Fredericksburg
  • Corpus Christi
  • Victoria
  • Canyon Lake
  • San Marcos

The road trip itself is a fun, shared experience for the team, but you can get even more out of it by incorporating team building activities on the road. Rent a van so 8-10 people can ride together. On the way to and from the destination play trivia games where the questions are all about the company or the coworkers. All Adrift, What’s My Name and Conduct a Story are a few other games you can play in transit.

Zip Lining Through the Hill Country

What’s better than treating your team to a day in the Hill Country? Giving them a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking scenery!

Forget about trust falls and rope courses. Zip lining is a team building event that will get pulses racing and get coworkers to support one another. There are sure to be one or two team members that are hesitant to take the plunge, but that’s part of the team building experience. However, you may want to choose a tame course like the one at Natural Bridge Caverns if your team isn’t filled with outdoor adventurers.

Compete in the Marble Falls Soapbox Derby

This is a long-term team building activity that has to be planned in advance, but boy will employees have fun! The Marble Falls Soapbox Classic is an adult competition with teams that have built their own soapbox car.

Businesses can get a lot of people involved by having one group create the design, t-shirts for the team and a derby hat (there’s a separate hat competition), another team can build the car and another team can be in charge of making the event arrangements. Your team will have a blast working on a passion project that stokes their competitive side. BONUS: the Marble Falls Soapbox Derby is a charity event that benefits local kids in foster care.

Try a San Antonio Escape Room Adventure at Extreme Escape

Want to know how your team performs when the pressure is on? At Extreme Escape your team only has an hour to gather clues, solve puzzles and get out in time. The time constraint means players have to communicate clearly and work together if they want to be successful.

Escape rooms provide two big team building benefits beyond being tons of fun. First, the activity involves various skills, which means all the players are equal assets. Second, managers can view the action from our control room to get an idea of how people really interact when they aren’t around.

Dozens of San Antonio businesses have visited Extreme Escape and walked away a stronger team. We’re proud to be San Antonio’s #1 corporate team building experience!

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