4 Things That Make Our Colonnade Location in San Antonio Unique

Come see why our original location is still the premier spot for playing an escape room in San Antonio.

The Extreme Escape Colonnade location has really been a game changer in San Antonio. It’s not the only place where you can play escape room games (we have a second location in Stone Oak), but it’s still considered the premier venue among avid escapists.

People from all around the country have come to Extreme Escape Colonnade to test their escapist skills. Here’s what sets it apart from other venues.

It Was the First San Antonio Escape Room Location

There’s nothing quite like being the first, because let’s face it, there can only be one first. The Extreme Escape Colonnade location was an instant success. Others have tried to emulate us, but nothing beats the original.

It’s the Only Place Where You Can Take on the Master of Illusion

Master of Illusion is one of the most highly rated escape rooms in the country. Experienced escapists note the amazing amount of detail that has been put into the room to create an unbelievably immersive experience. True to the magician theme, there’s also a surprise twist at the end that you won’t soon forget.

Voted the #1 Corporate Team Building Event Center in San Antonio

Escape rooms can be serious business if you’re trying to improve teamwork at the office. Our Colonnade location has been named the #1 corporate team building event center in San Antonio. There are four escape rooms that can accommodate 10 players a piece. We’ve hosted small local businesses that only need a single room as well as mammoth corporations like USAA that want to rent out the entire location.

There’s Something for Players of All Ages

Unlike other escape room venues, the escape rooms at our Colonnade location are a great mix of themes and difficulty levels. Families with young kids will enjoy taking on pirates in the Mutiny room, teens and adults test out their zombie slaying skills in the Undead room and older players will appreciate the sophistication of Master of Illusion.

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