4 Tips for Booking the Perfect Escape Room for Your Team

Try one of the most effective and fun team building activities in San Antonio.

There’s a new, highly entertaining team building activity that’s improving communication, productivity and cooperation at the office. If employees sometimes feel like they’re trapped in a cubicle it’s time to enter an escape room.

An escape room is like a fun version of an assessment center. Skills and abilities are used in new ways outside of traditional job roles. This provides a more accurate prediction of performance and capabilities. Another unique element of an escape room is the teamwork factor. Getting everything completed in the given time takes group effort and open communication.

Escape rooms have proven time and time again to be an effective team building tool. So, the real question is which room is right for your team?

Our attractions have been rated the best escape rooms in San Antonio so you really can’t go wrong! But if you need help choosing a room these tips can help.

Choose the Most Convenient Location

Extreme Escape has not one but two escape room locations. We’re in Colonnade and Stone Oak San Antonio. This is a pretty big factor if you’re trying to fit team building activities into a regular workday.

Decide How Challenging You Want It to Be

All of our escape rooms will make you think outside of the box, but the difficulty level varies. Best practice is to choose an easier room if everyone is new to escape games. Of course, it also depends on the goal of the team building activity. If you want to see how people work together under pressure one of the more challenging rooms like The Lost Tomb may be the best option.

Select a Theme That Gets the Group Interested

It’s all about the theme! At Extreme Escape we go all out to create an immersive environment that really gets players engaged in the storyline. Each escape room in San Antonio offers a totally different experience than the next. Generally speaking, there are three primary types of escape room themes: mystery, horror and adventure. Before booking take a vote to see which theme is the top choice for the group.

Take a Tour

We invite corporate groups to come out and take a short tour of the facilities to get a better feel for the rooms. Our game hosts can answer all your questions and discuss what you’re looking to get out of the experience. They can then make suggestions and guide you in the right direction.
It’s Time to Get the Team Together – Book a San Antonio Escape Room Online!