Building Leadership Skills in Kids One Escape Room at a Time

See How an Escape Room in San Antonio Can Teach Kids to Become Effective Leaders

We all want our kids to grow up to be strong individuals and effective leaders. Gaining the knowledge and skills need to lead others starts early in life. Team sports are one way to teach leadership at a young age, but many kids aren’t interested in athletics.

All children can benefit from physical activity that also tests their problem-solving skills. An escape room can do just that, and it’s so much fun kids will willingly participate.

Here are just a few ways a San Antonio escape room adventure can help build leadership skills is kids.

Delegating Tasks

When a player takes the lead in an escape room game one other their most jobs is delegating tasks. The better a leader is at delegating the quicker it will be to solve the clues and make your way out of the room.

Clearly Communicating

In an escape room, clear communication is a must. People are running around the room and it’s easy to get sidetracked. Communication is needed to share information as it’s found and keep the group on track. If a kid is leading the group they’ll gain an understanding of how clear directives save time by cutting out confusion.

A San Antonio escape room provides another unique benefit. Players learn a lot about their own unique communication style. How a child communicates with other players can help reveal where improvements can be made so they communicate more effectively.

Leveraging Strengths

Playing a strategic group game like an escape room could be a kid’s first experience playing off of other people’s strengths. Getting out of an escape room in time is a challenge that’s easiest to accomplish when each player has a task that they’re well-suited for. Some kids may be strong readers while others are great at sniffing out hiding spots.

Everyone has unique talents and strengths. When kids play an escape room game they’ll get a better idea of their own strengths and leveraging the strengths of others.

Reaching a Goal as a Team

Without a team, there are no leaders. You’ll find endless options for fun things to do in San Antonio on your own, but activities that involve a team are less common. Many corporate teams visit Extreme Escape because they’re looking for a new way to build bonds and improve teamwork in the office.

Kids reap the same rewards after working their way through an escape room in San Antonio. Even the kids that took on a leadership role realize that without everyone’s help getting out wouldn’t be possible.

Test Your Kid’s Leadership Skills

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