Challenge Your Friends at Trinity University to an Escape Room Game

5 Reasons Why a San Antonio Escape Room is a Great Challenge for Trinity University Students  

A quick search on Google or YouTube will produce a number challenges for friends that are willing to put themselves through a little embarrassment or discomfort. But there’s another fun challenge for Trinity University students that doesn’t involve an uncomfortable situation or embarrassing video ending up on the Internet.

Challenge your friends to take on a San Antonio escape room!

Here are five reasons why a little friendly competition at a San Antonio escape room is a great challenge for Trinity University students.

#1 – It’s Right Up the Road

When you’re looking to take a short break from the books Extreme Escape is super convenient because it’s not a challenge to get here. The Colonnade Extreme Escape location is right up the road from Trinity University.

#2 – An Escape Room Hones Your Test Taking Skills

Having fun and test prep usually don’t go hand-in-hand – unless you’re playing an escape room game. Escape rooms help college students improve their test taking skills in a variety of ways:

  • Time management – You have to complete the task in a specific timeframe.
  • Problem solving – An escape room isn’t the time to mentally check out. You’ll have to flex those mental muscles to find clues and figure out puzzles.
  • Communication – Players have to work together and communicate their ideas clearly.
  • Critical thinking – To logic your way out of the room you’ll have to put on your critical thinking cap.

#3 – Accommodates Groups of Sizes

No matter how many friends accept your escape room challenge we can accommodate them. Each location has four escape rooms that can be played by up to 10 people at a time.

#4 – Gets You Engaged and Interacting

Even though we’re constantly connected to the Internet, there’s truth behind the concern that young people are somewhat disconnected in person. An escape room challenge is an effective way to counteract the socializing slow down.

Once you’re in the room you’re immersed and engaged in the moment. You have to be completely present and interacting with all the other players to win. Think of it as a much needed hour-long break from social media updates, pings and messages so that you can make real life memories with friends. Of course, you can always post about the experience later!

#5 – Serious Bragging Rights

Every minute of an escape room experience is fun, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Many groups aren’t able to work their way through the challenges in 60 minutes or less. But even if you have multiple groups that do make it out in time you can still know who did it the quickest if you’re keeping score.

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