Effective High School and College Student Team Building in San Antonio

Discover San Antonio Activities That Focus on Team Building for Students

For many kids, concepts of team work start at an early age, especially if they get involved in sports. As they age, kids become more independent and may lose touch with the importance of working well with others. For high school and college students honing team work skills is crucial as they move closer to entering the workforce.

The challenge is finding college and high school team building events that teens won’t think are lame or cheesy. There are a few key factors that make this possible. The activity should be:

  • Fun first and foremost
  • Provide a new experience
  • Something a group does together to reach a common goal

Here are a few San Antonio college and high school team building events that meet the criteria.

Flash Mobbing

The term mob and teens can be a little unnerving for adults, unless it’s a flash mob. It may seem like nothing more than an impromptu public dance that lends itself well to viral videos, but there are top CEOs that actually use flash mobbing as a team building method. Companies like Starbucks, Google and Disney have been known to put together their own flash mob.

Not only is flash mobbing a fun physical activity, it also requires cohesion and gets kids out of their comfort zone. But because they can blend in with the group, it’s usually something teens are still willing to do even if they aren’t dancers. If the group can get together a few times to rehearse this is a great team building event since there are numerous opportunities for collaboration. The group can make decisions together for things like the song and location, and then connect with a choreographer like La Joya Choreography to get help creating the dance routine.

Play the Go Game

If you’ve spent five minutes around a teen you know they are constantly on smartphones. It’s part of the reason why team building activities are more important than ever among this age group. But one company has figured out a way to bring team building to smartphones, which is a match made in heaven for high school and college students.

Go Game activities are based on a smartphone, but the games can be done indoors or outdoors from anywhere. The Go Game team (which has a home base in San Antonio) will help you create a custom experience based on your team building goals, budget and location. The options are relatively endless. You can plan a classic scavenger hunt or do something different like building a bike.

Get Through a San Antonio Escape Room

An escape room in San Antonio is perfect team building for students because it doesn’t feel anything like a workshop. An escape room is a live-action game where up to 10 players have to work together to find clues and solve puzzles that will allow them to get out of the room within 60 minutes or less. It requires a combination of creative thinking, communication and team work.

All eight of the San Antonio escape rooms at Extreme Escape are appropriate for teens, and we’ve gotten great feedback from players in this age group. As long as all of the players are over 15 years old an adult supervisor isn’t needed.

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