Extreme Escape Has Date Night in San Antonio Covered

If you’re looking for something memorable to do on date night try a San Antonio escape room.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. The saying couldn’t be truer when the hour of play is an escape room. That’s why it’s one of the best things to do in San Antonio on date night.

Fun date nights in San Antonio are one of our specialties! Whether you just met or have gone on 100 dates, an escape room is a refreshing change from the regular dating game.

Escape Rooms Are Great for All Types of Dates

First date, blind date, double date – no matter what type of date you’re on, Extreme Escape is the perfect spot. Since a group of players work together there’s no awkward forced conversation between two people. We give you plenty to discuss as you race to figure out clues, riddles and puzzles.

Drinks Are on Us

Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or craft beer over great conversation about the amazing experience you had escaping the room together.

Make a Memorable First Impression

Looking for date night ideas in San Antonio that aren’t expected or overdone? Then book an escape room! It’s a unique experience that’s far from your standard dinner and a movie and is sure to make a memorable first impression.

Get a Look at How Your Date Handles Pressure

No matter how good a relationship is, there will be stressful times. How will your potential main squeeze handle those trying moments? You can’t know for sure, but playing an escape room will give you a good idea.

Improve Your Communication

They say communication is the key to a healthy relationship. If your long-term relationship could use a communication kickstart or you want to see if you’re vibing with the communication style of a new paramour, plan an escape room date night. Getting out of an escape room hinges on good communication among the players. The unfamiliar situation and environment fosters cooperation while getting you to work together in new ways. If nothing else, the shared experience gives you something to talk about!

Commemorate the Date With a Photo Op

What better way to commemorate the date than with a picture at the end of the adventure. Our San Antonio escape room locations have a green screen backdrop for customizable photo ops that can be shared online.

It’s a Date!                                                                               

Reserve Your Escape Room in San Antonio