Find Fun Hands-On Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Hands-On Team Building Ideas Your Team Will Enjoy

There are a lot of team building activities that can be used to help your employees build stronger bonds and work together more cohesively. One of the best options is hands-on team building activities since they get people interacting. This is important because according to a TinyPulse survey only 24% of employees feel connected to their peers.

Here are a few of the top hands-on team building activities in San Antonio that are equally productive and fun. No trust falls, we promise!

Make Glass Artwork Together

Give your team members an opportunity to try something new and think creatively together. Some types of artwork are a solitary endeavor, but at Caliente Hot Glass in San Antonio it’s a group activity. This is one of the best hands-on team building ideas for businesses that want to get employees thinking innovatively as a cohesive unit.

Your team will first learn how glass artwork is made before working together to create a wall platter you can display at the office. Employees can take pride in making something with their own hands that requires team work to conceive and execute.

Brew Beer at the Office

Many high-profile CEOs are known to use unconventional team building methods. Craft brewing has been all the rage for years so it’s not too far-fetched to learn CEOs like Andrew Fingerman of PhotoShelter host monthly beer brewing events at the office as a hands-on team building activity.


If a beer bonding experience sounds like something your employees would enjoy you can purchase supplies at Home Brew Party. They have everything you need to create a company craft brew. The beauty of this team building activity is you can enjoy the fruits of your labor together a few weeks after you mix it up.

Search for Clues in a San Antonio Escape Room

Escape rooms have been described as life-size board games, which means it’s way more interactive than your typical game night. When you enter an escape room you are immersed in an environment where everything floor to ceiling is part of the game. Players are encouraged to get their hands on everything because you never know what will hold a clue or unlock a puzzle. The additional benefit for corporate teams is that an escape room requires players to work together and communicate clearly to win the game.

You have choices when it comes to playing an escape room in San Antonio. Extreme Escape has eight different escape rooms with unique themes and challenges so it all depends on what type of hands-on training your team wants.

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