Healthy Escapes for UT Health San Antonio Students

Extreme Escape Has 8 Healthy Escapes From Student Life

Being a college student is a lot of work, but being a medical student is even harder. Needless to say, helping keep others healthy can take a toll on your own health. It’s easy to put your health on the backburner during college, but doing so could set you up for failure.

Looking for a healthy distraction this semester? A trip to an escape room in San Antonio is exactly what you need!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Breaking free of your personal bubble can be a very liberating experience. It tests your capabilities and exposes you to new situations, which can broaden your knowledge base. As a medical professional you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone many times in your career. Playing an escape room is good preparation since it puts you into a totally new scenario where you have to think unconventionally and nothing is by the book.

Short-Term Stress That’s Good for Your Health

Stress is a part of life, which can be very beneficial for your health when it’s short-term – say for about an hour. That’s how long you have to get out of an escape room. The time limit adds a layer of difficulty and increases the pressure to perform. It’s the type of stress that Stanford researchers say can boost mental and physical performance.

Fun Physical Activity for All Physicalities

As a doctor or nurse you’re on your feet all day long, but during off time many medical students don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is finding a fun physical activity that isn’t exhausting. An escape room game is the perfect solution. You’re on your feet and active, but it’s appropriate for people of all physical fitness levels.

Find a New Social Circle

Research has shown having a healthy social life is fantastic for your mental health and wellbeing. At Extreme Escape you can find a tribe of like minded friends that enjoy a good challenge as much as you do. We pair guests up together in an escape room giving you the opportunity to meet people and make connections.

After you’re done playing you can continue bonding over complimentary beverages!

Our two San Antonio escape room locations each have four unique games to choose from. That’s eight healthy ways to escape the stress of medical school when you need a break.

Take a Break for Your Health – Reserve a San Antonio Escape Room Online!