Joint Base San Antonio – Getting Back to Action With an Escape Room Challenge

Getting Back to Action With an Escape Room Challenge

Whether you’re about to deploy or just coming back, a San Antonio Escape Room is a worthy challenge.

Joint Base San Antonio Texas is a unique place, or places to be more exact. The name Joint Base San Antonio refers to:

  • Lackland Airforce Base
  • Randolph Airforce Base
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Camp Bullis

San Antonio Military City really lives up to the name. It’s a home base for thousands of service members that deploy to bases and theaters all over the world. When our men and women in uniform come back home to San Antonio it’s time to decompress without completely deflating. It’s time to enjoy the action at Extreme Escape!

Test Your Performance Under Pressure

Being in the military is the most stressful job a person can have. Service members are known for having nerves of steel and performing under pressure. If it’s been a while since your last mission, it’s time to book a San Antonio escape room at Extreme Escape.

You only have 60 minutes to get out of an escape room. That’s plenty of time to have fantastic experience, but it’s short enough for the pressure to build. The time constraint paired with the challenge of the puzzles is the right amount of stress to create positive pressure. It’s the type of pressure that’s healthy and can help you handle pressure in every day life.

Test Your Time Management

When you’re racing the clock time management is a skill you definitely want to have. An escape room helps San Antonio military families learn how to juggle different tasks in the game, but it’s a skill set that can be used in the rest of life. You have to line up the clues in the right order and give yourself enough time to dedicate to each task.

For military members, these are same vital skills needed to complete a mission. Each time you play a San Antonio escape room game it’s helping hone time management skills that can help you get the job done.

Test Your Communication Skills

San Antonio military families understand the importance of communication. Sometimes a phone call or video chat is the only way to communicate with loved ones. In an escape room there are no phones, but one-on-one communication is key. Without clear communication there’s very little chance of getting out of a San Antonio escape room in time. The same holds true for military service members when they are on duty.

Test Yourself Beyond Boot Camp Training While Having Fun

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