Next Generation Extreme Escape Rooms Explained

Level up your escape room experience with a next generation game at Extreme Escape.

Don’t play just any San Antonio escape room game. Play a next generation escape room! What makes an escape room experience next generation?

There are several factors that separate escape room generations.

Single vs Multi Chamber

The biggest difference between an original escape room and a next generation escape room experience is the room layout. Traditional escape rooms have everything contained in a single room. A next generation escape room brings players on a journey through multiple chambers.

The multi-chamber experience is complex and exciting since there’s something new around every corner. However, for some activities like team building a traditional single chamber escape room is sometimes preferred.

Advanced Technology

The earliest escape rooms weren’t technologically advanced, which isn’t a bad thing. It just meant early escape rooms were more like life-size board games that didn’t need an Internet connection, devices or screens. The puzzles are strictly mechanical with locks, magnets and physical props.

The newest generation of escape rooms are high tech. They feature full automation and are more reminiscent of a video game and VR than a board game. We are slowly moving towards “smart” escape rooms that are totally connected.

More Complex Puzzles

With more technology has come more complex puzzles. First gen escape rooms had basic puzzles without any electronic components. Today, some next generation escape rooms are completely computerized and actions taken on one puzzle could affect another puzzle or clue further into the game.

The puzzles in later generation escape rooms are also connected to the theme. Escape room creators have done a fantastic job coming up with unique challenges that are based on the storyline and keep players invested in the objective of the game.

More Immersive Scenarios

When escape rooms first began there was very little attention given to the theme. Is was more like a series of puzzles in a room without a storyline to connect all of the pieces. The advanced technology and complex puzzles have set the stage for more immersive scenarios in the newer generations of escape rooms.

Escape room creators now incorporate special effects, lighting and technology that make the setting more realistic than ever before. There’s also more of a build up in the game where each phase gets players further into the storyline and closer to a master puzzle at the end.

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