San Antonio Escape Room Team Building FAQs

Get Answers to Your Escape Room Team Building Questions

Playing an escape room in San Antonio has quickly become one of the top team building activities for corporations, small businesses, youth groups and families. Why? These escape room team building FAQs provide an explanation.

Why is a San Antonio escape room a good team building activity?

There are a lot of reasons why USAA, Yelp, Rackspace Hosting and many other businesses have come to Extreme Escape for a unique team building experience. An escape room is a live-action game that requires team work to complete. Everything in the room is a part of the game, which means players have to work together just to find the clues in order to solve puzzles. Clear communication is also needed to put those clues to use solving the puzzles.

Another unique aspect of escape rooms is the time limit. Players only have 60 minutes to make it out of the escape room. This adds a layer of pressure that tests team members and raises the stakes. It’s an element that really increases the need for good communication and collaboration.

Lastly, San Antonio escape rooms are fun! No matter what, your team will enjoy the experience.

How many team members can participate in escape room team building activities?

Up to 10 players can participate at a time in our escape rooms in San Antonio. BUT – each of our locations have four escape rooms. That means 40 people can play at one time.

Can managers participate in escape room team building activities?

Yes! At Extreme Escape managers can either participate in the room with their team or view the action from our control room. In the control room managers can see and hear how team members interactive throughout the game. This gives you a unique look at how employees communicate with one another and which people step up as natural leaders.

Can corporate teams play more than one escape room?

Yep. You can choose to play one or all of our escape rooms. Each of our San Antonio escape rooms has a unique theme and challenge that provides a different experience. The rules of the game are the same, but team members will be tested in new ways to get out in time.

Are escape rooms appropriate for team members of all physical fitness levels?

Some team building activities isolate employees that have physical limitations, but escape room games aren’t one of them. Escape rooms are hands-on, but they are appropriate for people regardless of their fitness level. Plus, our escape rooms are climate controlled, which makes them comfortable for everyone year round.

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