Team Building for Kids: Why an Escape Room is a Great Idea

Get Kids Working Together at a San Antonio Escape Room

Participation in team events is important during childhood. It teaches kids how to work together as well as helping identify individual strengths and building confidence. Short of signing your kid up for the long-term commitment of a sports team, there are few opportunities for kids to learn team building skills.

But there is one team building activity kids are sure to enjoy.

Our escape rooms are among the most highly rated fun things to do in San Antonio with kids. They’ll step away from the screens, use their imagination and learn how to work with other players in order to win the game.

Getting Out in Time Takes Teamwork

An escape room game is a challenge partly because there’s a time limit. Clues are hidden all around the elaborate room. It’s possible for a couple of players to work their way through the puzzles, but it’s easier when there are a few extra people.

Kids will quickly learn the quickest way to get out of an escape room in time is to work with the other players. It’s the total opposite of isolating video games that are played solo. Like sports, an escape room involves a team working toward a shared goal.

Communication is Key

Kids will also learn the importance of communication during an escape room game. With so much going on and the clock ticking away things can get confusing. Players have to talk to one another and share information to get the puzzles solved as quickly as possible. It’s one of the most effective lessons kids will get on the importance of clearly communicating.

Variety of Skill Sets Are Needed

Every kid has unique talents, and getting out of an escape room in San Antonio requires a broad skill set. All of the players must pull together and work off of one another’s strengths to beat the clock. Kids will learn that everyone has a role to play and can contribute to the whole.

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