Team Building Teenage Activities in San Antonio

5 reasons why a San Antonio escape room is a great team building idea for teens.

There are hundreds of things to do in San Antonio with teenagers. But what if you have a group of teenagers that need to work together? That’s not such an easy task.

Teens can be moody. They can be quick to dismiss a lot of things as lame. And they are so into doing their own thing the thought of teamwork almost seems foreign.

So, what should you do if you have a group of teens that need to work as a team? An escape room is one of the best San Antonio teenage activities for fostering a team building mentality. Here’s why.

It’s Legit Fun

To begin with, some teens may roll their eyes at the idea of role playing, but it doesn’t last long. Our San Antonio escape rooms draw players in and make them invested in the storyline. Before they know it they’re having fun whether they thought they would or not.

It’s Not Literal

An escape room is an indirect way to teach team building skills. Players are learning to communicate better and cooperate with one another without even realizing that it’s happening. With teens that may be resistant to learning, covert teenage activities in San Antonio are the way to go.

It’s Not Preachy

Try to engage teens with a lecture or classroom presentation and you probably won’t get the best reception. Many teens think they already know it all or at least know enough to get by. The second they feel like they’re being talked down to or preached at they start shutting down.

It Requires a Variety of Skills

You never know what you’ll come across in an escape room. The more diverse the team is the better. Teens will respond to the fact that everyone can contribute in their own unique way in an escape room. It helps build camaraderie and makes each teen feel like a part of the team while still being an individual.

There’s No Set Way of Doing Things

Most teenagers don’t like to be told what to do. It’s a time in life when a person is figuring out who they are and what they’re capable of. Activities like a San Antonio escape room are ideal because there is no set way of doing things. Players have a lot of freedom to complete the tasks the way they think is best.

Let the Teen Team Building Begin! – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio