Texas A&M University San Antonio Students Take a Study Break with an Escape Room

Did You Know an Escape Room Study Break is Beneficial for Texas A&M University-San Antonio Students?

Cramming is a Part of College, but Taking a Break at a San Antonio Escape Room Could be Good for Your Grades

It may seem like hitting the books hard for hours on end is the best way to end the semester on a high note. What might end up happening is feeling totally run down right before final exams.

Don’t risk running into this classic cramming scenario. Texas A&M University-San Antonio students can get schooled in a good way at Extreme Escape!

3 Reasons Why Texas A&M University-San Antonio Students Should Plan a Trip to Extreme Escape

Helps Students Avoid Burnout

Studying for hours on end might not be as beneficial as you think. Instead of retaining a lot of information you’re more likely to experience serious burnout. When you hit that wall you’ll lose interest and studying won’t be as productive.

Avoid mental exhaustion without completely checking out by trying to make it out of an escape room.

  • It’s an invigorating physical activity that’s like being in a lifesize video game.
  • Extreme Escape offers the perfect distraction with escape rooms that totally transport you to another time and place.
  • All it takes is an hour to prevent burnout and get back to performing your best.

Recharge the Brain

The brain is a powerful thing, but it doesn’t have an endless supply of energy. You’ve got to take breaks from studying so that your brain has time to recharge.

San Antonio escape rooms are the perfect solution. Each room offers a new experience and challenges that tease your brain without overworking it. Mental stimulation that’s fun is exactly what your brain needs to get buzzing again.

Destress Before a Big Test

Stressing out before a big test is understandable, but it can also be detrimental. Too much stress without any relief has been shown to have a negative impact on performance. That means if you don’t take a break to destress it could lower your test scores.

Ace your final exams with a little R&R courtesy of Extreme Escape!

We’re right down the road from Texas A&M San Antonio so you don’t have to go far to destress before your finals. In an escape room you can completely let go and even role play if your want. Instead of being a stressed out student, for an hour you can be an adventurous archeologist, space explorer or paranormal pioneer.

We guarantee you’ll leave feeling a lot more relaxed and ready to crush those final exams.

Give the Books a Break – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!