Time to Get Ready for Class Texas A&M University-San Antonio Students!

Learn How a San Antonio Escape Room Can Get You Prepared for the Classroom

The Spring 2019 semester is here – are you ready? You’re probably looking over your schedule, stocking up on supplies and braving the lines at the campus bookstore, but there’s another way to prepare for the next round of classes.

Visiting an escape room may sound like an unconventional way to prep for a college class, but it will get you in the right mindset for the semester.

5 Ways an Escape Room in San Antonio Gets You Ready for the New Semester

Better Communication Skills and Team Effort

Lab partners, intramural teams, study groups – they’re all more effective when everyone is on the same page and communicates well. An escape room will test your communication skills, and everyone has to work together in order to win together. After the experience you’ll get a much better feel for the group dynamic, which will help in the coming semester.

Bring Out Leadership Skills

There are different types of players that contribute to an escape room game. Most groups that are successful at escaping have a strong leader. Often it happens naturally and sometimes the game brings out leadership skills a person didn’t know they had. To make it out in 60 minutes or less the leader will need to keep things organized and encourage team mates at every step.

Boost Creative Thinking

An escape room pushes players to think in new ways because the answers and clues aren’t always obvious or expected. Literally anything in the room could be a part of the solution. You can bring this same out-of-the-box thinking to your classes when you have a term paper, creative writing assignment or project to do.

Improve Concentration

The puzzles in a San Antonio escape room are no joke. They require your full attention and concentration. The only thing is in an escape room there are a lot of distractions. That’s part of the challenge and one of the reasons why an escape room can help improve concentration.

Stress Management

When the Spring 2019 semester rolls around (or any new semester) stress is a natural byproduct. How you manage the stress is what really counts. Since you only have an hour to get out of an escape room the pressure is on. See how you handle the stress and work with other students that can give you feedback or tips on managing it based on how you play the game.

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