Trinity University Students Take a Study Break with an Escape Room

3 Reasons Why Trinity University Students Need a Liberal Amount of Fun During Finals

Fun and Finals Should Go Together, and That’s What You Get at a San Antonio Escape Room

Most Trinity University students wouldn’t equate finals with fun, but if you want to get the best grades possible a little fun is exactly what you need. Studying too intensely can lead to an overload of stress, which has been shown to lower test scores. Taking a few hours here and there to give yourself a break and have some fun can be the edge you need to add points to your grade.

Here’s why you should make a fun Extreme Escape excursion a new finals week tradition!

An Escape Room Gets You Thinking Outside the Box

It’s amazing how being locked in an escape room can get you thinking outside of the box. It’s something that liberal arts students excel at. You’re no stranger to alternative ideas and ways of thinking, but when you’re busy cramming it’s easy to just go through the motions.

A trip to one of our escape rooms will change all that. Solving puzzles, hidden clues and riddles requires players to forget what they think they know and take different approaches. Don’t be surprised if the game gets you looking at your classes in a new way during your next study session.

Relieve the Pressure, Release Your Inner Potential

Stress in small amounts is beneficial during finals week. But when the pressure builds you need to find a release or you could block your brain from retaining information.

Our escape rooms in San Antonio apply just the right amount of pressure. You’re working against the clock, which ups the stakes – but your future degree isn’t on the line. Within minutes you’ll be so distracted by the floor-to-ceiling set design and immersive storyline the test stress will disappear.

Group Activity You Can Enjoy With Other Students

You can have fun on your own, but when you add a group of friends to the mix it’s even better. Extreme Escape has created escape rooms that can accommodate up to 10 players at a time. Because each location has four different escape rooms that means up to 40 people can play simultaneously.

Study groups, fraternities, sororities, student council, sports teams and other Trinity University groups can plan a fun outing that gives everyone a much needed break.

Use Fun to Ace Your Finals – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!