University of the Incarnate Word Students Get Ready for Class!

Playing a San Antonio Escape Room is the Perfect Way to Destress Before the Start of a New Semester

The start of the Spring 2019 semester holds a lot of promise, but University of the Incarnate Word students know it will be a lot of work. It’s easy to get stressed before you even take your first class.

Don’t let the new semester get you in a funk. Instead, get things off to a fun start at a San Antonio escape room!

Great Way to Meet Other San Antonians

Is it your first semester as a University of the Incarnate Word student? Are you new to San Antonio? An escape room is a great way to meet like-minded people since you’ll often play with others that you don’t know. By the end of the hour you’ll have made a whole new group of friends.

Play on Your Own or With a Group of Friends

You can visit an escape room in San Antonio solo or play a trip with a group of friends. Just give Extreme Escape a call or reserve a room online for up to 10 players. We also have four escape rooms at each location, which means up to 40 people can play at once. It’s a great team building activity for college organizations, study groups and sports teams.

Get Mentally Prepared and Pumped

We understand if you’re not in school mode just yet. The good news is an escape room can get you mentally prepared without feeling like a study session. The riddles, clues and puzzles will shake off the winter break mental state by ramping up your concentration, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills.

Before you know it you’ll be ready to take on those initial assignments!

Unwind Before the Work Begins

When you’re facing a long semester full of term papers, exams and projects why not treat yourself to something fun? Once your deep in the coursework you’ll be glad you did. Since an escape room gets your brain buzzing it’s the perfect way to unwind before the work begins.

Kick Off the Spring 2019 Semester – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!