University of the Incarnate Word Students Take a Study Break with an Escape Room

University of the Incarnate Word Students You’ve Earned a Break From the Books

Need a Break From All the Studying? A San Antonio Escape Room is the Perfect Distraction

Whether you’re in the School of Media and Design or the H-E-B School of Business, University of the Incarnate Word students are top performers that deserve a break from the books. But when you’re in the middle of the semester or finals are approaching you don’t want to get too distracted.

What you need is an entertaining excursion that will help you unwind without totally derailing your productivity. What you need is Extreme Escape!

It’s Pure Age Appropriate Fun for College Students

Tapping into your inner kid is a great way to relax when exams have you stressed. But finding good clean fun that’s meant for adults isn’t always easy – unless you’re at Extreme Escape. Our escape rooms offer pure enjoyment:

Our Escape Rooms Keep You Mentally Engaged

Your brain needs some downtime, however completely checking out can make it harder to get back to work. That’s why an escape room is a popular way to take a study break.

  • You’re mentally engaged without it feeling like work
  • The puzzles and clues get you thinking in a new way
  • The brain teasers test critical thinking without exhausting your grey matter

Quick Way to Unwind

When you need a break from studying but don’t have time to take a whole day off Extreme Escape is the perfect solution. Entering one of our San Antonio escape rooms is like traveling to a whole other time or place without ever leaving the city.  

  • The immersive environment immediately takes your mind off classes and exams
  • Role playing games are an effective way to let go of stress
  • Games only take an hour to complete – play up to four rooms in one location

When you feel burned out it’s time to give the books a break and let yourself relax. At Extreme Escape we can help you recharge so you’re even more prepared to ace your tests and earn those As!

Make Fun Part of Your Study Strategy – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!