UT Health San Antonio Students Take a Study Break with an Escape Room

Why an Escape Room Study Break is Healthy for UT Health San Antonio Students

Do Something Positive for Your Own Well-being – Give Yourself a Break at a San Antonio Escape Room

Working in the health industry is serious business. Training to work in the health industry is just as strenuous. Medical professionals and students focus all their attention on helping others stay healthy to the point that sometimes their own well-being gets neglected.

Here’s just a few reasons why a San Antonio escape room is a good distraction for UT Health students that need a break from medical training.

It’s an Effective Stress Reliever

As a UT Health San Antonio student you’re well aware that stress can have some pretty negative consequences on the mind and body. You also know people working and training in the high-stress medical field need rest and relaxation more than anyone.

Playing an escape room in San Antonio is a highly effective stress reliever for medical students who know how to perform when the pressure is on. During the game the excitement is high because you only have 60 minutes to escape. Even though it gets your pulse racing it’s still more fun than stressful since the stakes are lower.

An escape room is the right amount of pressure to spike your adrenaline without producing anxiety.

Get Thinking in a New Way

Countless medical discoveries have been made on accident and ideas often hit medical professionals when they aren’t in a white coat. Extreme Escape is ideal for UT Health students that are naturally inquisitive because we get you thinking in a new way.

You’ll immediately go into discovery mode once you step into the immersive environment of the game. Problem-solving and critical thinking kick into overdrive as you work quickly to uncover clues. There’s no textbooks or protocols to follow here.

You have to really think outside of the box if you want to get out of the escape room!

Hone Your Teamwork Skills

Hospitals are a team environment. Imagine an ER or operating room where no one is on the same page. It would be a disastrous situation for a patient.

The same holds true for an escape room. Players must work together and communicate well in order to make it out in time. That’s why more and more professional groups are using escape rooms to improve teamwork skills.

Invite your fellow UT Health students to take a break at Extreme Escape and you just might notice an improvement in your teamwork at the medical center.

Treat Yourself After a Long Semester – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!