UTSA Students – Take a Fun Retreat From the Books With an Extreme Escape

You Deserve a Break From the Books at an Escape Room in San Antonio

In the middle of the semester UTSA students are no strangers to hard work. They’re shouldering a full load of classes, taking midterms and paying careful attention to their GPA. It’s enough to make anyone burn out.

That’s why it’s important for college students to take a break from the books every now and then. Where can UTSA students get away from it all? Extreme Escape has eight places for UTSA students that need a fun retreat mid semester.

Get Away to Another Time and Place Without Leaving Town

Extreme Escape is the only place where UTSA students can get away to another time and place without ever leaving San Antonio. Our eight escape rooms in San Antonio are designed from floor to ceiling to transport players. One minute you’re in San Antonio and the next you’re in a parallel universe, outer space or a Mayan temple. It’s the quickest way to take a trip in the middle of the semester.

Take a Break Without Completely Checking Out

Everybody needs a break from the books every now and then, but you’ve got to be careful not to completely check out. If you do it may be hard to get back to business. That’s why an escape room is a great distraction.

You still have to use your smarts – Playing an escape room requires strategic planning, problem solving and thinking outside of the box.

The game is timed just like a test – You only have 60 minutes to escape the room – see how well you handle the stress of having to beat the clock.

Teaches teamwork – An escape room is an activity that brings players together since everyone is working towards the same goal. You’ll need to practice teamwork and band together to make it out in time.

Fun on Your Own or With Friends

There are few activities that you can try on your own or enjoy with a group of friends. At Extreme Escape it doesn’t matter if you’re a single player or a 10-person group, you’ll be able to reserve a spot in the escape room of your choice.

Complimentary Beverages

Free almost always equals fun for college students. At Extreme Escape we now offer players complimentary beverages. Players that are over 21 can unwind with a craft beer or glass of wine.  

Sit the Books Aside for a Few Hours – Reserve a San Antonio Escape Room Online!