UTSA Students Take a Study Break with an Escape Room

UTSA Students: 4 Reasons to Take a Study Break at an Escape Room

Hardworking Students Deserve a Break, and a San Antonio Escape Room is Productive Fun

It’s been a long, long semester. You’ve put in hours of work, read hundreds of pages and sat through so many lectures you lost count. And of course, final exams have been a real ordeal. Needless to say, you deserve a study break!

Extreme Escape can help hardworking UTSA students get a little R&R while still keeping mentally sharp.

Why UTSA Students Think an Escape Room is the Perfect Study Break

It’s a Great Team Building Experience for Study Groups

Many local small businesses and big corporations have discovered that a San Antonio escape room is the perfect team building activity because:

  • Players have to work together to beat the clock.
  • Communication is a must to work through clues and puzzles.
  • You get another perspective of people’s problem-solving skills.
  • You’re working towards a goal together.

Relieves Stress That Can Lower Grades

Stress and exams go hand-in-hand, but you can’t let it get the best of you. For 110 years research has shown high stress levels lower performance. Taking a break to take an Extreme Escape adventure is a serious stress reliever!

Even though your heart is racing as you race against the clock, you’re having tons of serious without worrying about long-term effects of passing or failing. It’s just what UTSA students need to let loose before and after hitting the books.

You’re Using Your Communication and Critical Thinking Skills

Getting through a San Antonio escape room isn’t all fun and games. Well, it is technically, but you’re actually flexing your mental muscles at the same time. Our puzzles, riddles and clues will test you in a good way. You’ve got to communicate your ideas and use critical thinking skills that can come in handy during finals.

Provides Incentive for Studying and Acing Exams

Sometimes doing the grunt work is a little easier if you know you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Playing an escape room in San Antonio is the perfect way for UTSA students to reward themselves once the last final exam is in the books. Since it’s a group activity you can invite friends, family and fellow students to join the fun and help you celebrate the accomplishment.

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