5 Reasons Why Extreme Escape is the Perfect Option for Team Building and Group Outings

Find Out Why an Escape Room in San Antonio is the Ultimate Team Building Experience

Think a San Antonio escape room is all fun and games? Sure it’s ridiculously fun, but it’s also one of the most effective team building activities in San Antonio, TX. 

Winning Escape Room Strategies

If you want to best the clock use these tips for escape room games.

You’re sure to have a memorable experience playing an escape room in San Antonio, but there’s no denying victory makes it even sweeter. But are there escape room strategies that can give you an edge? 

Beating an escape room game takes wits, cunning and coordination to be sure. However, if you want to increase the odds of making it out on time try these tried and true insider tips.

Get Your Elite Escapist Punch Card!

Are you ready for the ultimate escape room experience? Do you have what it takes to become an elite escapist? Well, now is your chance to prove it!

If you tried a San Antonio escape room and got hooked, we totally understand. We’ve created the special Elite Escapist program for all you fanatics that love testing your skills in room escape games. Let the challenge begin!

A Beginner's Guide to Escape Rooms

Get ready for the ultimate San Antonio escape room experience!

If you’ve never had an escape room experience you’re about to have a wild ride. A good escape room will transport you to another time and place, drawing you into the game in a way that goes beyond board games and video games. 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement, especially if it’s your first time in an escape room and don’t know what to expect. This beginner’s guide will get you geared up for the great escape in San Antonio!

Students at High Schools in San Antonio Play for Less at Extreme Escape

Get a Discount on San Antonio Escape Room Games, No Tests or Extra Credit Required!

Looking for something to do in San Antonio? Do you attend Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio? How about Southwest High School in San Antonio? Or maybe you’re a student at Churchill High School San Antonio?

Then it’s the perfect time to visit Extreme Escape!

Cool Off With Escape Room Indoor Activities in San Antonio

Escape the room, escape the heat!

Summer in San Antonio means one thing is certain - heat, heat and more heat. As beautiful as the area is, it’s common to retreat indoors to escape the sweltering temperatures even though there are big attractions outdoors.

You don’t have to Google “indoor activities near me” to find climate controlled entertainment in San Antonio. Just pop over to one of the Extreme Escape locations for all the indoor fun you can handle.