Escape to Conservation

We’re Proud to Announce Our San Antonio Zoo Partnership!

There are a few places that every local and visitor has to experience at least once when they’re in the Alamo City. The San Antonio Zoo is one of those places.

The zoo in San Antonio, TX is seriously impressive - and not just because it’s 35 acres of animal awesomeness. You can easily spend an entire day checking out over 3,500 animals, interacting with exotic beasts (feed a flamingo or giraffe!) and enjoying special events throughout the year. The zoo is also sponsoring amazing work to fulfill their conservation mission

The San Antonio Zoo is working with partners around the world on three continents and across the U.S. to make a difference in the animal kingdom. Their team is conducting transnational research and participating in projects that are focused on preserving endangered species and imperiled ecosystems. Right now their work is helping fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and crustaceans.

That’s why Extreme Escape is partnering with the San Antonio Zoo to raise awareness and help preserve animals and ecosystems that make Texas such a unique environment. 

Play a San Antonio Escape Room to Help the Zoo Reintroduce the Texas Horned Lizard

Want to contribute to the San Antonio Zoo’s conservation efforts? We’re offering guests an opportunity to both save on their next visit to Extreme Escape and help raise funds for the Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction and Conservation Program

At one time the Texas Horned Lizard was a common sight around the Lone Star State. They were so common the species was named the state reptile of Texas. Today, it’s rare to see them out in the wild. So rare, the San Antonio Zoo is breeding Texas Horned Lizards and plan to reintroduce them to natural habitats. The program utilizes genetics technology, GIS data and a wealth of information gathered about the lizard’s ecology. The project was launched in 2016, but funds are still needed to complete a lizard room at the zoo that will house dozens of breeder lizards.

Use the San Antonio Zoo Discount Code to Help Out

It’s time to become a conservationist! Every guest that uses code “REPTILE19” will get $3 off when booking at But that’s not all. Extreme Escape will also donate $5 of the proceeds to the San Antonio Zoo to help aid their conservation work. 

Book an Escape Room in San Antonio for a Discount That Saves Money and the Texas Horned Lizard!

Want to learn more about our San Antonio Zoo partnership or the zoo’s conservation efforts? Contact us at:

Extreme Escape: Alex Amaro - [email protected]

San Antonio Zoo: Craig Harding - [email protected]