Winning Escape Room Strategies

If you want to best the clock use these tips for escape room games.

You’re sure to have a memorable experience playing an escape room in San Antonio, but there’s no denying victory makes it even sweeter. But are there escape room strategies that can give you an edge? 

Beating an escape room game takes wits, cunning and coordination to be sure. However, if you want to increase the odds of making it out on time try these tried and true insider tips.

Pick Your Fellow Players Wisely

Who you play with can make all the difference between getting out in time versus missing a win by a few minutes. You’ll want a team of players that have a diverse skill set because you never know what challenge you’ll come across. We often tell people that even a small kid can be an asset because you may just need their small hands.

Bonus Tip: Make someone the group leader. This will help facilitate clear communication (an essential element) and keep things organized. Instead of running around, the group leader receives information from players, keeps everyone informed and assigns tasks. 

One of the best tips for escape room games

Know That Escape Room Clues Are Everywhere

If you expect the clues to be obvious you may miss them. Go into the game knowing that anything and everything in the room can be a clue. We fill our San Antonio escape rooms with floor-to-ceiling decor that draws you into the game and provides plenty of places to hide clues. With that said, you shouldn’t have to dissemble anything to get to a clue. 

Bonus Tip: Always check under things. It’s a common place for hiding clues out of plain sight.  

Ask for a Hint When You Need It

All escapists want to win the game completely unassisted, which is possible. But sometimes you just get stuck and can’t figure out a puzzle or find the clue you need. You watch those seconds turn to minutes feeling the pressure build.

That’s when it’s time to ask the game master for a hint. Most escape rooms will allow you to ask for a hint once or twice in the game so use the option wisely. The game master won’t give you the answer, but they give you that extra piece of information that keeps the game moving along. 

Bonus Tip: Watch out for red herrings. They are the exact opposite of a game master hint. 

Resist the Urge to Cluster

With just 60 minutes on the clock, the best strategy is to divide and conquer. If everyone gets clustered together in the same spot or working on the same task it’s not the best use of your manpower, especially if you are in a nonlinear escape room. One way to avoid clustering is to assign a portion of the room to each player. If things seem to stall rotate and have everyone move to a new portion. 

Pay Careful Attention to the Instructions

Failing to pay attention to the game master instructions is a rookie mistake. This is when you learn about how the room is set up, the types of codes and puzzles you’ll come across and may even pick up a covert clue that will help you during the game. 

Use these tips to get a win - reserve a San Antonio escape room online!