The New Year Resolution for an Elite Escapist

The majority of people make a New Year resolution. And most of them fail to meet their New Year goals. Seriously. Around 80% of people don’t follow through on their resolutions.

But you aren’t like most people. You’re one of the 20 percenters that are going to meet your New Year goals in 2020.

This year is the year you will conquer every escape room you enter. And we’ve got the insider advice you need to blast through the most challenging escape room games to reach that goal. 

5 Essential Escape Room Tips for the Elite Escapist

Win or lose, an escape room experience is always a good time. But if your goal is to be an elite escapist, winning is a must. And you probably already know the basic exit game tips. What we’re sharing below is advanced, next-level tips that will take your escaping up a notch.

Come Up With a Communication Strategy

Clear communication is the #1 tip for getting out of an escape room before time is up. Some teams naturally communicate well, but you don’t want to find out if you fit into that category once the game starts. It’s better to come up with a communication strategy ahead of time so everyone is on the same page right from the start. For example, you can decide that everyone should relay information to a certain player who will keep track of it all. 

Set Up a System of Double Checking

It’s easy to get stuck on a puzzle or clue and become hellbent on figuring it out. In an escape room that’s a losing strategy. If you had all the time in the world it wouldn’t be an issue, but you only have 60 minutes. The team should agree that after a set amount of time a clue or puzzle needs to be passed off to someone else. The fresh perspective often helps solve a tough element and can keep you moving forward. It’s a group effort after all!

Regroup at the Half Way Mark

After 30 minutes in the escape room game regroup to assess where you’re at and have a pep talk. It only has to take a minute or two and can make a huge difference in boosting morale and keeping everyone focused. 

Separate Clues and Items Into a Done Pile and Active Pile

You’ll gather a lot of clues during the escape room game, which can slow you down if you don’t keep things organized. A simple way to stay organized is to separate everything you collect into two piles: one for items that have been used and another for items you’re still working on. Keep the active pile front and center, but move the done pile out of the way so it isn’t a distraction. 

Don’t Wait to Ask for a Clue (If You Need One)

We get it. It’s a pride thing. Everyone wants to get out of escape room games without taking a hint from the game master. But that’s exactly what it is - a hint. The game master isn’t going to hand you the answer. You still have to work for it. Asking for a hint early on is much more beneficial than burning precious time when you’re stuck. It keeps the momentum going and cracking a tough clue (hint or no hint) is a morale booster.

Are You Resolved to Become an Elite Escapist?

It’s time to add becoming an elite escapist to the New Year’s resolution list!

Simon is still lurking about our San Antonio escape rooms hiding secrets within the walls for an even bigger puzzle that needs to be solved. The only way to solve the puzzle is to complete all eight of the Extreme Escape exit games. Accomplish this goal and you’ll earn the title of elite escapist! 

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