It’s Okay to Have a Different Kind of Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

When Valentine’s Day rolls around your initial thought is:

  1. Hallmark holiday.
  2. Good thing I made dinner reservations right after New Years.
  3. What? It’s already almost Valentine’s Day? 

Personally, this Valentine’s Day we’re going to enjoy our escape rooms in San Antonio. Why? Because we love them, and Valentine’s Day is all about love. But in all honesty, it’s actually one of the most fun things to do in San Antonio for couples whether it’s your first date or the 100th. 

Really, our San Antonio escape rooms are the perfect Valentine’s Day idea no matter how you feel about the upcoming holiday. It’s definitely not a mainstream, cliche Valentine’s Day idea that’s for sure. It can be a romantic date in terms of the way it reveals things about your escape room partner and brings you closer together. And if the calendar changed to February but Valentine’s Day snuck up on you, then you need a break to have a little fun. 

But seriously, Valentine’s Day should be spent doing something you love with someone you love. The places to go for Valentine's Day in San Antonio are anywhere that you want to go. Make it a day that you take a break from the everyday norm and enjoy doing what you love to do. 

The origins of Valentine’s Day may be stranger than The Other Side, but at least modern-day traditions are a little more flexible. Almost anything goes as long as you buy your sweetheart (or yourself) some chocolates.  

If you’re a diehard romantic who thinks that idea is sacrilege consider this: the festival of Lupercalia, a Roman holiday that’s somewhat of a basis for Valentine’s Day, involved the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Do you really want to be a stickler about doing Valentine’s Day the way it’s traditionally done? 

Non-traditional Valentine’s Day activities have been growing in popularity the last few years thanks to the Galentines Day concept. Groups of female friends celebrate their friendships on February 13th instead of or in addition to a relationship with a significant other. It reached pop culture status when Parks and Rec aired a Galentines Day episode in 2010.  

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t sweat putting together a super romantic (overpriced) date with all the standard-issue stuff. Plan a night of fun with your significant other, family, friends or roommate doing whatever makes you love life in San Antonio. 

If you’re a history lover explore one of the five missions that were built hundreds of years ago. All you nature lovers can take a break from your urban lifestyle at the Government Canyon State Natural Area. And all of you puzzle-loving, crossword crushing, gaming enthusiasts can join us in a heart-racing escape room adventure. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!