An Escape Room Experience for Everyone in One Place

Escape rooms aren’t just about seeing if you have the cunning to solve challenging puzzles under pressure. Great escape rooms transport you to another time and place. You get lost in the game as you take on the role of someone new that’s facing incredible odds in a world that’s nothing like your own.

Many of our games have been voted the best escape room in San Antonio because Extreme Escape provides a totally immersive experience. We’ve also created eight distinctly unique rooms that appeal to a wide variety of players that range from complete newbies to elite escapists

8 Unique San Antonio Escape Rooms You’ve Got to Experience

Choosing the best escape room in San Antonio is all about the type of experience you want to have. Are you looking for a thrill that puts you on edge? Do you need to find a challenging game that’s appropriate for different ages? Do you want to roam around another dimension? 

All of our escape rooms in San Antonio check a lot of boxes, but here are a few ways that past players have described them.

Heart-Racing Escape Rooms

The Cursed - If the Blair Witch Project is one of your favorite scary movies, then you’ll love The Cursed escape room. Your team must take on a ruthless witch that has been busy entrapping souls to turn humans into frightening creatures. Will you be the next victim or will you escape in time?

Undead - Battling zombies is both terrifying and thrilling in the Undead escape room. Test your zombie evading skills as your team races to find a cure that will save yourselves and all of humanity.

Other Worldly Escape Rooms

Encounter - If you wanted to go to space camp as a kid this is the San Antonio escape room for you! Suit up for a mission that will put you in the clutches of a man-hungry alien as you figure out how to get your spacecraft back up and running. 

The Other Side - Another dimension is just behind the door of The Other Side escape room. Dark beings have crossed over from a parallel universe, and now the fate of a young boy rests in your ability to get through two dimensions.

Master of Illusion - Take a step back in time to 100 years ago when magic wasn’t just slight of hand tricks. Trapped in the lair of a maniacal magician you may be too mesmerized to make an escape in time. 

Adventure-Filled Escape Rooms

The Lost Tomb - The Lost Tomb is an escape room that’s worthy of being a part of the Indiana Jones franchise. Spielberg himself would be impressed with the realistic set design and perils that players have to navigate as they try to return Mayan artifacts before a deadly eclipse.

Mutiny - Take to the open seas in an adventure that’s filled with pirates, treachery, storms and a sinking ship. You’re left stranded locked below the deck with just an hour to figure out how to escape or you’ll go down with the ship to the deepest depths of the ocean.

Kid-Friendly Escape Rooms

Mutiny - Mutiny is an adventure for people of all ages. Kids really enjoy getting to play pirates, and you’d be surprised how helpful little scallywags can be as you try to escape the ship’s hold.

Trapped Below - Leagues under the surface there’s a hidden treasure surrounded by danger around every dark corner. This extremely interactive escape room will have both kids and adults eagerly working to solve puzzles and see the light of day once again

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