Challenge Your College Friends to an Extreme Escape Room Game

Need an escape from the books? Extreme Escape has you covered!

We’re one of the top-rated interactive attractions in San Antonio among college students. An escape room game is a welcome distraction that will have you completely out of your element in a good way. It’s like one huge VR set that you can experience with a group of friends. 

Stuck in the dorms with no car? No worries! It doesn’t matter which college you attend - Extreme Escape is a quick rideshare drive from every campus in the city. 

Unique Learning Experience You Won’t Get at School

Who said learning can’t be fun? The goal of an escape room is to challenge players and make them think outside of the box. 

Our San Antonio escape room games are a super fun break from the exams, thesis papers and projects you’ll have to complete this semester. But you don’t have to totally switch your brain off. Unlike passive pastimes, an escape room puts you in the middle of the action where you’ll interact with others and even learn a little something about yourself.

We’ve hosted groups of college friends from just about every college in San Antonio including:

  • UTSA students
  • UT Health San Antonio students
  • Texas A&M University-San Antonio students
  • Trinity University students
  • University of the Incarnate Word students

Get your brain firing on all cylinders! You’ll learn something new every time you play an escape room game.

We Cater to All College Groups

You don’t have to be part of the Yale College Puzzle Club to have a great time playing an escape room. At Extreme Escape we cater to all types of college groups. We can even help you put together a group event where up to 40 people can play at once.

We can create a one-of-a-kind experience for any group on campus:



Student Councils

Sports Teams

Professional Clubs

Honors Programs

Political Organizations

Faith-Based Organizations 

Debate Teams

Cultural Clubs

Escape rooms are also a great team building experience that will get everyone working together. All you future entrepreneur business majors will be interested to learn that Fortune 500 companies have visited Extreme Escape to give their team an extra edge at the office. 

Get to Know Your New College Friends Better

Some of the people you meet in college will end up becoming lifelong friends. You can figure out who those friends are a lot faster in an escape room. It’s like a friendship pressure cooker. Within 60 minutes you’ll know a lot more about how your friends communicate, their ability to handle stress and which ones are destined to be the future leaders of America.

For real though, an escape room experience does have a way of bringing friends closer together whether you win or lose. 

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The jokes about broke college students are a little too real sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home night after night missing out on awesome experiences with your friends.

Use the promo code “Winter19” when you reserve a San Antonio escape room to get 30% off. That’s like saving the cost of an entire pizza. You don’t have to be a math major to know that’s an amazing deal!

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