5 Reasons Every New Student in San Antonio Has to Visit Extreme Escape


San Antonio is known for a lot of things, including being an entertaining town for college students. There are dozens of higher education institutions and around 100,000 students in the area. Lots of students hang out on campus, visit the Riverwalk and listen to live music at the Burleson Yard Beer Garden but there’s plenty of other fun to be had.

Extreme Escape is one place new students should definitely check out. Why? Here are five reasons to visit one of our locations. 

#1 – It’s an Experience You Can’t Have Everywhere

When you go to college you’re working towards a degree, but you’re also spreading your wings. It’s a time for new experiences and trying new things. An escape room is a unique experience you’re not going to be able to have in every city. 

College students in San Antonio have their pick of eight different escape rooms in two locations. Extreme Escape is the only place where you can venture into a parallel universe, go back in time to a magician’s lair or take on zombies. 

#2 – Free Beverages!

Let’s be real. Every college student can appreciate free stuff. At both Extreme Escape locations we now offer complimentary beverages – including craft beer and wine for players that are 21 or older. 

#3 – You Can Make New Friends

College is when you’ll meet people that end up being lifelong friends. One place you can do just that is Extreme Escape. Our San Antonio escape rooms accommodate up to 10 players at once, which means you may play with people you just met. We can’t think of a better icebreaker for new students than being locked in a room for an hour. 

#4 – It’s the Perfect Place for a First Date

Many people don’t just meet friends in college, they also meet their significant other. But it all starts with that first date. An escape room is the perfect place for a first date for a few reasons:

  • You can go together or invite others to make it a group event
  • You’ll be in the middle of the game so there’s no awkward small talk
  • You can learn a lot about your date’s communication style and how they handle stress
  • You’ll see how well you work together as a team to solve problems
  • It’s a memorable experience that’s active rather than passive

#5 – It Will Mentally Prepare You for College Courses

Visiting a bar in the trendy King William neighborhood may be helpful for history and architecture majors, but for everyone else it’s simply a social pleasure. But at Extreme Escape you’ll get entertainment while building skills you can bring back to the classroom. 

An escape room is like a life-size board game that requires strategic thinking, concentration, communication skills, critical thinking and teamwork. It’s so effective at honing these skills that we have Fortune 500 companies use our San Antonio escape rooms for team building. As a college student those same skills can help you nail your next exam or project.

Reserve an escape room in San Antonio to make friends, score big on a first date or get ready for the next semester.