5 Reasons Why Every Stone Oak Resident has to Visit Extreme Escape

Ever since escape rooms were introduced in the U.S. a few years ago they have steadily gained in popularity. Extreme Escape was the first to bring this popular pastime to San Antonio and the reception has been amazing.

Our newest location is in Stone Oak, and it’s already ranked as one of the best adventures in San Antonio. If you’re a Stone Oak resident it’s time to see why so many locals and visitors make a trip to our neck of the woods to see if they can escape the room!

You Can Have Fun With All Your Closest Friends and Family

There are very few activities where you can gather together up to 40 of your friends and family members together, but it’s totally possible at the Stone Oak Extreme Escape location. There are four different escape rooms that can accommodate up to 10 players each.

Want to make it a party? The Stone Oak location also has an event space that can be reserved for birthdays, graduations and any other type of celebration.

It’s Like Traveling Without Going Far From Home

Want to experience a new environment without having to pack your bags, get the house secured and buy an expensive plane ticket? You can explore outer space, venture into a parallel universe, delve into a Mayan tomb and dare to go into a witch’s lair deep in the woods just a few miles from home.

Rain, shine or blistering summer heat, our Stone Oak escape rooms always offer a comfortable retreat where you’ll get to experience something new.

Anyone Can Do It

You don’t need any special skills, athleticism or know how to have fun in our Stone Oak escape rooms. In fact, because it’s a collective effort there’s a good chance every player will contribute a little something to help everyone get further in the game.

Amazing Fun, No Screens or Internet Needed

Our escape rooms in San Antonio have been compared to a lifesize video game, but there’s one very distinct difference. An escape room is a way to completely unplug. There’s no internet connection or screens. The players are interacting with one another and using their wits rather than zoning out.

An escape room is a 3D experience without a headset or special TV. You’ll be surrounded by lifesize props, floor-to-ceiling set design and even smells that draw you into the game. If you’ve been looking for an entertaining way to disconnect you’ll find it at an escape room in San Antonio.

You’ll Be Supporting a Local Small Business That Gives Back

Perhaps the best reason every Stone Oak resident should visit Extreme Escape is you’ll be supporting a local small business that gives back. We love our community and strive to make Stone Oak the best place to live and play in San Antonio.

To show our appreciation we give our local military, EMT, police and firefighters discounts every Monday. We’ve also partnered with the Salvation Army San Antonio to raise money for their Christmas programs as well as other area charities.

Find out why Extreme Escape Stone Oak is rated as one of the most entertaining places in Alamo City.

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