The Best San Antonio Escape Room for Stranger Things Fans

You’ve binge watched Stranger Things season 3, and now you have to wait months to watch season 4. It’s a fate worse than being trapped in the Upside Down. You and some friends could take a road trip to Hawkins, IN - if it actually existed. Or you could play D&D for hours on end. Or you can have a real life Stranger Things experience of your own. Yes, you read that right.

You can get your Stranger Things fix at Extreme Escape!

Experience the Stranger Things Escape Room

Enter another dimension where you and a group of friends are a town’s only hope for escaping a fate worse than being the site of Cold War operations. The Other Side escape room will transport you back to 1984 when the idea of the Internet seemed like an alternate reality. 

This is an escape room Stranger Things fans will want to take on! The Other Side opens the portal to another dimension where paranormal activity is running high and unworldly beings lurk around every corner. Break out your bikes and the walkie-talkies! You’ll need to work together to rescue a trapped boy and unravel the mysteries of an ominous dimension that exists alongside our own.  

The Other Side is an 80s-riffic adventure inspired by Matt and Ross Duffer’s masterpiece. It ranks off the charts for fun and is a little easier in the puzzle department compared to other Extreme Escape games. But that doesn’t mean it’s all fluff like Steve’s hair. 

Channel your inner Six as you take on mind-bending puzzles that will get your brain buzzing (without the messy nosebleed). Just be careful not to get too nostalgic and distracted by the authentic props from history’s most totally tubular decade or you’ll run out of time. 

See What It’s Like Inside The Other Side

Beat the Other Side’s Best Time!

Are you an elite escapist looking for a challenge? See if you can beat the Other Side escape room record time by getting out in less than 30 minutes and 50 seconds!

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