There’s Still Time for an 'Out of the Box' Holiday Party

Your employees worked hard the last 12 months, and right now they’re probably pushing harder than ever to meet year-end goals. With the San Antonio holidays in full swing, keeping focused on work is no easy task. But everyone is giving it all they got.

A break at Christmastime is the light at the end of the tunnel. But why not give your employees something else to look forward to? Something that will reinvigorate them and show them their effort does not go unnoticed.

The company holiday party is a time-honored tradition that’s about much more than boozing with coworkers and forced gift giving. When it’s done right, a holiday party can get your team in the mindset to make next year the best year ever!

How a Holiday Party Helps Build a Strong Team

We know what you’re thinking? An office party is about cutting loose not boosting productivity. But why can’t it be about both? The answer is, it can. 

A holiday party is actually one of the most fun team building activities you’ll enjoy all year. That’s right - a party covers all the criteria for team building activities. 

  • Everyone is together having a shared experience.
  • It’s an activity outside of the normal workday.
  • Employees can get to know one another better.
  • Employees get a chance to interact with upper management.
  • It builds camaraderie.
  • It can reinforce company culture.

You can even make it a special team building holiday activity with Christmas group games that are way more fun than a white elephant or secret Santa gift exchange. If you avoid all the reasons employees loathe holiday parties you’ll find that it can boost morale higher than you ever thought possible. 

Celebrate With a Team Building Holiday Experience That’s Out of the Box

Let’s be honest. Most Christmas party ideas are far from original. Employees will appreciate the effort, but the party may seem like a replay from past years. Or worse, employees aren’t really into it and feel obligated to make an appearance. 

What checks all of the boxes for an epic holiday party everyone will remember and want to be a part of? A San Antonio escape room party!

Instead of the traditional holiday party that’s the same as last year and takes hours of planning, you can book an escape room adventure in a matter of minutes. Trust us, everyone in the office will consider it one of the most memorable holiday parties they’ve ever attended. 

You can show appreciation for employees, celebrate the holiday and bring your team closer together at Extreme Escape. Both of our locations are able to accommodate up to 40 players at one time. We also have a lounge area where guests can mingle when they aren’t battling pirates, exploring a parallel universe or trying to outwit a maniacal magician. 

Have next to no time to plan a holiday party? No problem. Our team can help you with the logistics, and we’ll have everything ready when your group arrives. All you have to do is arrange for refreshments and food if you want to nosh before or after making your escape. We guarantee it will be the easiest holiday party planning you’ve ever experienced. 

You can make reservations online or give us a call to reserve an escape room in San Antonio for your holiday party!