Indoor Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Team work is an essential part of running a successful business no matter what industry you’re in. When your employees communicate well, respect each other and know everyone’s work style productivity dramatically improves. 

The only problem for businesses in Texas is the blazing heat during half the year. A lot of team building activities happen outdoors, but if everyone is sweating to death they can’t focus on the team building aspects of the exercises. It’s more likely to cause aggravation and discomfort rather than team work. 

But you don’t have to put team building on hold during the summer. There are team building activities you can do inside that are just as effective, if not more. Here are some of the best indoor team building activities in San Antonio to try on hot day.

Create a Company Promo Video in the Office

Creating an in-office promo video will spark your employees’ imaginations and give them a fun project to work on together. Take a day to have the team work as a collaborative group to come up with a theme, shots and production roles for each person. These days all you need is a smart phone to capture great footage that you can then share on social media.

You’ll get a marketing piece and help build team work among your employees.

Cooking Class With a Cause

The kitchen is a place that brings people together whether you’re an actual family or a work family. A cooking class will have you employees whipping up something special in a new way, and they get to eat their work when they’re done.

Add another element to the bonding experience by choosing a cooking class that also donates food to a charity. There are cooking classes that will deliver hot food items to soup kitchens or snacks and pantry donations to a food pantry. Philanthropy is a powerful engagement tool for employees and will bring them closer together as a team. 

Build an Indoor Mini Golf Course

Physically building things is a highly effective team building activity, especially if the build requires a number of people. Golf is also known to be a great relationship builder. You can combine the two ideas by building your own mini golf course in the office.


You can get a mini golf course build kit from with everything you need to build an office course. Employees work together to construct the course then get to have fun together trying it out. 

Company Brain Bowl

How much do your employees know about each other and the business? Host your very own company brain bowl to find out. 

Break employees into groups of four or five and get ready for an hour or two answering trivia questions specifically about your company. All you need is a list of questions about the company and employees along with tablets or smartphones that have a buzzer app installed. Go the extra mile by creating awards for the winning team. 

At the end of the game everyone is a winner because all the players know more about each other and the company.

Get Out of a San Antonio Escape Room 

Escape rooms are a group activity that challenges your problem solving skills, which make them the perfect indoor team building activity. Teams of up to 10 people have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles in order to get out of the room in time. Needless to say, in that 60 minutes you’ll learn a lot about leadership skills and how people communicate. 

Extreme Escape is an escape room in San Antonio that caters to businesses that want to improve their team work. We’ve had Yelp, USAA and many other companies come to Extreme Escape because they’re looking for fun indoor team building activities in San Antonio that really work.  

Since we have four escape rooms at each San Antonio location up to 40 employees can play at once. After you’re done escaping the room relax in our lounge or arrange to have a catered lunch delivered. 

Call today to reserve escape rooms for your next team building event!