Enjoy Weekend Fun in San Antonio at Extreme Escape

There are many San Antonio attractions that keep people busy on the weekends. But what if you’ve spent a lot of weekends in San Antonio and have tried most of it out? Or you’re only visiting for a few days and want to make sure you get to experience something truly unique?

Sounds like you need a little weekend fun at Extreme Escape!

Why Extreme Escape is the Perfect Place for Weekend Fun

If you’re the type that would rather experience something new than veg out in front of a television during your free time, then an escape room adventure is exactly what you need.

Extreme Escape is home to the first San Antonio escape room (technically, the first four escape rooms). Our team includes theme-park pros that know how to create an immersive experience that plays on all your senses. It’s like traveling to a different time and place without having to pay steep airfare prices.

Here are a few more reasons why locals and visitors can’t get enough of our escape rooms in San Antonio.

No Need to Worry About the Weather

Texas is known for having finicky weather at times, particularly in the summer when the temperature hits triple digits. Why not cool off during the blazing heat of summer in an escape room? Our escape rooms are completely climate-controlled for comfort. While others are sweating or freezing outdoors you’ll be wandering through an alternate dimension or venturing through an abandoned mine shaft without breaking a sweat.

We Can Accommodate Groups of All Sizes

At Extreme Escape there are four escape rooms that can be used simultaneously. Up to 10 people can play at a time, which means 40 players can have fun at once.

Ample Parking

With parties that large you’re going to need parking. Both of our locations have ample parking, including spots for buses and party vans.

We Welcome Off-Site Caterers

Extreme Escape provides hours of entertainment, but we don’t have a kitchen on-site. However, we are equipped to handle third-party catering for parties and corporate events.

Fun for All Ages

There are few things to do in San Antonio that are equally entertaining for everyone in the family, but Extreme Escape is one of them. We’ve designed our escape room games for players of all ages. Instead of paying expensive babysitter rates, you can bring along kids as young as nine years old to help you escape the room. Trust us, their tiny fingers could come in handy.

Bragging Rights on Monday

When you go back to the office on Monday after taking on a San Antonio escape room you’ll have something to tell people about. While others simply shrug and say “nothing” when they’re asked what they did over the weekend, you can tell co-workers you helped take down a carnivorous alien or outwitted a maniacal magician.

Break free of from your regular weekend routine by testing your wits and problem-solving skills at a San Antonio escape room. See if you have what it takes to escape – reserve your room online!