Escape Room Artist Review

Room Escape Artist Tries Their Hand at the Master of Illusions Escape Room

Over the last few years we’ve gotten hundreds of rave reviews from escapists that are looking for an extreme experience. We truly appreciate each and every one of them, especially when they come from escape room experts that are looking for fun things to do in Colonnade. 

One of our most recent reviews comes from Room Escape Artist. Their escapists decided to try one of our original escape rooms, Master of Illusions. It’s been one of our most popular San Antonio escape rooms ever since it opened. Here’s what their experienced escapists thought about their attempt to thwart an evil magician that’s determined to keep his dastardly tricks a secret.

Room Escape Artist Review Notes

Did Room Escape Artist’s escapists make it out of the Master of Illusions room? You’ll have to check the Extreme Escape Instagram or Facebook page to find that out, but here are their notes on how the room compared to their other escape room challenges.

The Room: Master of Illusion

Overall Impression: It’s a beautifully designed escape room in San Antonio with appropriately difficult puzzles.

Highlights: Ambiance of the setting, appropriate for all experience levels, surprise ending trick         

Why You’ve Got to Try the Master of Illusions Escape Room

Master of Illusions is a premier escape room for adults in Colonnade San Antonio. Experienced escapists, like the experts at Room Escape Artist, will tell you there are two things that make Master of Illusions special.           

Right away, every escapist appreciates the amazing 1920s era set design. We’ve gone all out with decor, lighting, audio/visual effects, props and aromas for a multi-sensory experience. Every part of the room is decked out to create the remarkable ambiance that Room Escape Artist noted was way above average.

We’ve also nailed the other critical element of escape rooms – the puzzles. There aren’t generic puzzles in the Master of Illusions escape room. Our game masters came up with never before seen themed puzzles that keep players invested in the storyline. They have the right amount of difficulty to make solving each one a challenge without becoming a frustrating hassle.                

Unlike some other San Antonio escape rooms, Master of Illusions is equally fun for novice and experienced escapists. It’s a feat that many escape rooms can’t accomplish. Come see if you have the wits to solve the puzzles and get out of this magically magnificent escape room.

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