Escape the Room Solutions and Tips for First Timers

Your first escape room challenge is sure to be an exhilarating experience that makes the video games and board games you’ve played in the past feel tame. During escape the room games players are submerged in the action after being locked in a themed room. The goal is to figure out how to escape the room within an hour.

Escape room games have become extremely popular in recent years, but for many people it’s still a relatively new concept. If you’ve never experienced a San Antonio escape room before the tips below can help you navigate your way to success!

Take a Minute to Come Up With a Game Plan

Once the clock starts ticking most people rush into the first challenge, but this could end up costing you time. After factoring in that some of the players could be complete strangers, it’s easy to see how things can get confusing very quickly.

It’s often best to take a minute to discuss the first challenge as a group and come up with a game plan. That way everyone is on the same page and you won’t retrace each other’s steps. If possible, try to book an escape room just for your group to make things little easier the first time around.

Don’t Overthink It

Sometimes the simplest solution is the answer. Room escape games feature tricky puzzles, but don’t make them more difficult than they actually are. Approach the puzzle very straightforward at first to avoid missing the easy answer.

Get a New Perspective If You’re Stuck

Have you been staring at a puzzle to no avail while minutes burn away on the clock? Get another team member to take a look. A fresh perspective could be exactly what you need to rethink the clue and solve it. Remember, you may have to try something 20 different ways before you find out what works.

Pay Attention to the Details

Stepping into one of our San Antonio escape rooms can feel a little overwhelming at first. The room is decked out from floor to ceiling to create a fully immersive space that’s like it’s own world. With so much going on it’s easy to overlook important details.

Combat the overstimulation by taking a step back. Look at the larger picture and then focus in on the details that didn’t pop out before.

Think of All the Ways an Object Can be Used

In an escape room challenge, objects aren’t always what they seem. The primary function of an object or tool may not be the intended use for solving a puzzle. If you’re stuck, start thinking of all the different, non-traditional ways an object can be used.

Keep Objects Organized

You’re going to tear through dozens of objects on your hunt for clues and solutions. Organization can be the determining factor in whether you escape the room in time. When you find a key, leave it in it’s lock so it’s out of the way and easy to locate again. It’s also a good idea to separate out objects that have already been used as well as objects that are related. You may want to designate a spot in the room for organizing and displaying the objects you find.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

It’s easy to forget about the time when you’re lost in puzzles. Appoint at least one person in the group to keep an eye on the clock and announce intervals to the group. For example, you may want to announce the time remaining every 10 minutes. Once you get down to five minutes, let the group know the time after each minute has passed.

Ask for Hints

Many San Antonio escape room purists frown down upon asking for help, but it’s completely acceptable to ask the gamemaster for hints. If you get stuck and have tried everything you can think of, go ahead and get a little extra help.

Have Fun!

The most important thing is that your team has fun while you play. Getting stuck on a puzzle can try people’s patience and cause frustration. But at the end of the day escape the room games are meant to challenge you to think outside of the box. Even if you don’t escape the room in time, you can have a great time testing your critical thinking skills, using your imagination and celebrating each puzzle you solve.

Ready for your first escape the room adventure? Book an escape room online or give us a call to learn more about reserving a time to play.