Explore These 5 Indoor Activities in San Antonio During the Cold Season

It may only be cold for a few months in San Antonio, but that’s long enough for cabin fever to set in if you’re holed up in the house all day. While braving the less than ideal elements may not be your idea of fun, there are local indoor attractions that can keep you entertained all winter long.

Here are a few indoor activities in San Antonio worth checking out!

Visit the San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio has a vibrant art scene that spans cultures and countries. The San Antonio Museum of Art is a mecca for art lovers but can also be appreciated by people who aren’t avid art consumers. This isn’t your typical art museum. It’s housed in multiple conjoined buildings, which have enough space to house exhibits with 5,000 years worth of various art. It’s one of the few museums in the world where you’ll see oil paintings, handcrafted furniture, fine jewelry and pieces made with found objects all in the same place.

Pet Sea Creatures at the San Antonio Aquarium

The San Antonio Zoo and SeaWorld are mostly outdoor attractions. However, at the San Antonio Aquarium you can get an up close look at animals and still enjoy climate control. There are dozens of tanks filled with a variety of sea creatures found off the coast of Texas and beyond. If you’re not afraid to get wet you can pet a stingray or feed some of the aquatic wildlife. 

See If You Can Get in the Books at the Guinness World Records Museum 

Humans are capable of amazing feats. Nothing puts that in perspective like the Guinness World Records Museum. The popular publication comes to life at this San Antonio location where you’ll be treated to spectacles like real artifacts, live shows and interactive games.

You can even try to make it into the record books! There’s an attempt arena where you can try to make the best time to earn your spot in the Guinness World Records. 

Chunk Dangerous Objects at Class Axe Throwing

Throwing chunky sharp objects may seem like an outdoor activity, but at Class Axe Throwing it can be done indoors. Professionals will first show you how to safely and properly throw an axe. Once you get the hang of it you can play target games that are similar to darts or bowling. Class Axe Throwing is BYOB, however it may be best to leave the beer at home when you’re tossing blades.

Try to Get Out of a San Antonio Escape Room 

Inside of an escape room in San Antonio you’ll completely forget what it’s like outside. An escape room is like a lifesize video game where you’re transported to another time and place. The whole goal is to make it feel like you’re in another world, which is exactly what happens in the Extreme Escape games. 

Up to 10 players have an hour to explore a themed escape room full of props, clues and puzzles. It’s an indoor maze with unexpected twists and turns around every corner. But don’t get too distracted by the elaborate environment. You only have 60 minutes to figure out a way to escape the room!

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