Featured San Antonio Escape Room: Encounter

Get Insights and Tips to Maximize Your Escape Room Experience

The year is 2039 and your crew is wrapping up a mission in deep space when you come across Starship Kronos. The ship has been missing for a decade without power and any signs of life. Your mission now takes a detour when you receive orders to explore the vessel to determine its status.

Your team docks and immediately things aren’t as they should be. Power hasn’t been simply lost. All the systems are damaged. But by what?

Soon you and your crew make a horrific discovery. A mysterious, hostile alien has overrun the starship, and now your team must fight for survival. It will take quick thinking, cunning and nerves of steel to navigate through the starship, regain control of the ship’s systems and destroy the alien in just 60 minutes.

Encounter is the ultimate San Antonio escape room for sci-fi lovers and fans of the Alien franchise. It truly feels like you have stepped aboard a spacecraft as soon as you enter the room. Every inch of the walls is covered to mimic the inner workings of a spaceship, and there are illuminated maps, switches and buttons to interact with. It’s easy to forget you’re still firmly grounded on planet Earth!

Tips to Make the Most of Your Time at Our Encounter Escape Room in San Antonio

If the reviews are any indication, you’re sure to have fun in the Encounter escape room regardless of whether you make it out in time. Of course, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We put together these tips to take the fun and excitement to the next level!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Decor

We go all out with set design that completely immerses players and makes you feel like you’re on a spaceship in outer space. You could spend hours exploring every detail, but you’ve only got 60 minutes to escape the room. Take it all in since it’s part of the game, but try not to get too distracted.

Reserve the Entire Room for Larger Groups in Advance

At Extreme Escape up to 10 people can play at once. But in order to get your whole group together you’ll need to reserve the Encounter room in advance.

Improve Teamwork by Planning a Team Building Activity

It’s not all fun and games at Extreme Escape. The Encounter escape room is also one of the most highly reviewed indoor team building activities in San Antonio. Our escape room requires group effort to figure out the challenging puzzles and beat the clock. Call us ahead of time and we can help you plan a team building event that’s complete with refreshments and space for your team to review how things went. Managers can choose to play along with their employees or view the action from our control room.

Check Out Facebook for Discounts and Specials

We regularly offer specials like Heroes Play Free Mondays and limited time discounts for the Encounter escape room. Check out the Extreme Escape Facebook page for details and discount codes.

See If You Can Evade an Evil Alien and Make it Out in Time – Reserve the Encounter Escape Room Online!