Fun Indoor Corporate Team Work Challenges for Coworkers

Try a Few of These Indoor Team Building Activities for Companies in San Antonio

Is your team needing an infusion of fun? Are coworkers simply going through the motions? Has engagement started to slip?

If this sounds familiar it’s time for team work building activities that are outside of the box. Corporate team work activities are designed to get coworkers:

  • Communicating
  • Interacting
  • Thinking in new ways
  • Problem-solving as a single unit

The bonding experience is beneficial for employee happiness and performance while also building group skills that can be taken back to the office. It’s a win all around.

A lot of the most common team building activities take place outdoors, but that isn’t always the best option during certain times of the year. You can get out of the office and still stay inside with these indoor team building activities for companies in San Antonio.

The Amazing Cake Contest

This team building activity is a spinoff of the insanely popular reality competition show Cake Wars. This team building activity is all about working together, time management and creativity. First, break employees into small groups of 2-5 people. The groups will then have to plan their baking strategy, bake the cake components and decorate it in a certain timeframe.

You’ll need to find a kitchen facility with a fair amount of workspace and numerous ovens so that each team has the equipment they need. There are a number of San Antonio cooking schools and educational facility that can accommodate the contest.

Volunteer as a Team

Giving back is great way to boost employee morale, and there are plenty of charitable activities that can be done indoors. Your team can find opportunities around San Antonio with:

  • com
  • The United Way of San Antonio
  • The City of San Antonio
  • San Antonio Food Bank
  • DreamSA

Studies like the ones done by Deloitte have shown skill-based volunteering helps build professional skills, brings employees closer together and makes people feel more positive about their work. After a few team volunteering activities you may even want to initiate a program for employees that want to give back on a regular basis.

Work Your Way Out of a San Antonio Escape Room

Corporate teams are raving about their experience at Extreme Escape. Companies large and small have used our escape rooms as a fun team building activity year round. Even though you’re indoors, once you’re inside the room it’s like being in an entirely different world where the rules of the office don’t always apply.

Being successful at a San Antonio escape room requires:

  • Group effort
  • Clear communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization

Just like real world situations at work, there is a timeframe for completion. The 60-minute deadline puts pressure on players and can provide managers with a glimpse of how employees handle stress. In an hour you can learn how employees communicate, which people are comfortable taking on leadership roles and bring coworkers closer together.

Challenge Your Team in a New Way – Reserve an Escape Room in San Antonio Online!